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At Nationwide RentSure, we guarantee unpaid rent, tenant damages and legal support to evict delinquent tenants.

Rental Income Guarantees are not a new concept globally:

  • In Australia, 83% of landlords have rental income protection on their property.

  • In European countries, a large percentage of landlords have rental income guarantees protecting their rental income property.

Real Estate Investors in North America, from single family homeowners to multi-billion dollar REITs have been losing billions of dollars a year.

We are working to change the way property managers, landlords and owners do business, approve tenants, manage cash flow, and process evictions for 52 million rental units in 2,200+ court jurisdictions in North America.

Nationwide RentSure Canada Corporation is led by a diverse group of real estate, insurance, and technology professionals. As a team, we have over 30 years of risk-based insurance experience, 25 years in real estate and over a decade in technology platform development. With this experience, we have developed a truly unique risk mitigation solution and assembled a group of best in class providers to execute on this vision.

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